About Lorentzca

About Lorentzca
Photo by Hamzah Ismael / Unsplash

Lorentzca と申します。

IT エンジニアとして働いています。IT 関連技術が好きで、主にインフラ周りの仕事をしていました。DevOps, IaC, CI/CD, Serverless, Container 等の領域をうろうろしています。最近は IoT に興味があります。



My name is Lorentzca.

I work as an IT engineer, and I have a passion for IT-related technologies, primarily focusing on infrastructure-related work. I delve into areas such as DevOps, IaC, CI/CD, Serverless, Containers, and more. Lately, I have developed an interest in IoT.

In terms of hobbies, I enjoy various outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and hiking. I particularly love activities that involve camping as a means. Setting up a tent while fishing and spending the night, or combining kayaking with camping at the destination point - I have a fondness for ambitious itineraries.

Let's get along!